Coconut Water Vs King Coconut Water

Popularly known Coconut Water is predominantly obtained from young green coconuts. The water of young green coconuts is better known due to its availability in most countries. The inside of the coconut shell consists of a rich, white kernel and is filled with coconut water. Coconut Milk is extracted from the milky kernel when it is scraped out, and is an important ingredient in South and South East Asian cooking.


King Coconut Water

King Coconuts are orange in colour and contain Coconut Water that has a sweeter more refined taste than that of regular coconuts. "The King Coconut (known in Sri Lanka as Tambili) is indigenous to Sri Lanka, where it is found growing in abundance in almost every part of the island. It is found in smaller quantities in a few South East Asian countries. King Coconut Water is a favourite of many Sri Lankans who value its health benefits, especially as a rehydrating, energy booster.

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